Pharmacy is an integral part of Health care system. Pharmacy professionals ensure safe and effective use of drugs throughout the society whether in hospitals, clinics or community. Pharmacy aims to enhance public awareness for the appropriate use of medicine and discourage misuse. Similarly Pharmacists also play vital roles in pharmaceutical industry to look after production, research and development, quality control, quality assurance, planning, warehouses, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing and many other capacities thereby leading to an improved overall performance and quality.

School of Pharmacy provides high competence pharmacy education to its students by utilizing rich resources provided by the college. The B. Pharm curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent pharmacist who can apply this education in such a manner so as to provide maximum health care services to patients. Students are provided with the opportunity to gain greater experience in patient’s close and cooperative relationships with health practitioners.


We will be a leader in outstanding pharmacy education and research and in improving health by :

  • Providing a dynamic educational experience to a high achieving, high potential to the student, thus empowering them to become leaders in the field of Pharmacy
  • Leading in innovative research in Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Establishing relationship with patients, decision makers and practitioners to meet changing needs, model patient care and shape the evolving health care system
  • Preparing graduate students to become the next generation of scientists, advanced practitioners and educators
  • Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff


The Ahalia School of Pharmacy is to educate students to become Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists while advancing Pharmaceutical knowledge. Guiding principles are personal integrity, respect for humanity and human diversity and professionalism.


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