Today rising youth unemployment is one of the most significant problems faced by economies and societies. COVID 19 has worsened this further. Ahalia Multi Skill Training Institute, Palakkad has been approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to offer vocational courses to equip our youth.  These courses not only impart knowledge but actuate the technical skills, attitude, and core skills essential to flourish in the work environment.

Vocational training courses specific classes offered to learners to train for a particular job or career. These courses are preferred to people who need self – employment and who is working in national level in a various career fields to improve their skills.

We offer the following vocational courses :

Courses NSDC

Skilled personnel have huge demand in India and abroad. With more stress on practical training, the students enrolled for these courses will be transformed into skilled workforce. Now the world requires more vocationally trained personnel as this area faces severe shortage.

Students who successfully pass these courses will be recruited in Ahalia Institutions in India and Abroad.

With more focus on technical and practical training, the students will be prepared adequately for jobs. Through these courses we support young people to transition into employment and succeed in life.


Ahalia Multi Skill Training Institute shall make available innovative, Socially relevant educational provisions that are Learner-centred, Seamless and are of High Quality by employing appropriate Vocational Training equity in Education, Sustainable Social transformation and Composite development.


To become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in only regular courses by offering quality training programmes to meet the current and emerging needs of the youths in India by widening the access to Vocational Training and by functioning as Catalyst to Bridge Social, Economic and to be a major part in developing India.


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Email : academics@ahalia.edu.in